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A Grandpa's Life

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Liệu (left) & Phạm Văn Việt (right) married in 1952 and pictured here with their kids

I am a Vietnamese filmmaker that wants to share this video tribute I made for my grandpa when he passed earlier this year. It's a love story between my Ông and Bà and even after losing his wife of 65 years he still carried on living. I could feel the sadness he was going through so I stepped in to ease the burden of his loss. This story encapsulates 30 years of home video footage set to the song of "A Married Life" from the Pixar film "Up".


Victor Pham Headshot
Here's me getting all shy after my Ông had asked for a peck on the cheek. Wish I could turn back time...

I remember crying as I sifted through over 10 hours of home video footage to piece together this tribute. I learned so much about my whole family and got to re-live precious memories that I would not have otherwise experienced had I not taken on this task to create this memorial for my Ông. And while I'm sad he's passed on, I find solace in knowing he's in a better place now and not suffering anymore. I'm just glad I was able to spend so much quality time with him throughout my life.


Victor Long Pham

I am a Vietnamese filmmaker and storyteller that produced videos at Buzzfeed and now for my own YouTube channel that has 10k subscribers. My hope with my videos is to inspire our Asian American youth to go back to their roots and not only respect our elders but also lift them up in times of need. Our elders and parents sacrificed so much to provide a better future for us so it's only right that we devote a bit of our time to them and show our appreciation for their hard work.

Connect with me @VictorVisits on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook


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