Want to ask questions about your own family's diaspora history but don't know where to begin?
Check out the VBP Conversation Kit designed to help you start the dialogue.
This is our version 1.0 so give it a try and let us know what you think and how we can make it better.

Over the course of conducting interviews and engaging with the community to produce our podcast and programs, we discovered that many of us want to engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones about their diaspora journeys, but we don’t always know where to begin. Our team has encountered children wanting to connect
with parents, youngsters with elders, friends with friends – but the challenge was that they did not know where to start or what questions to ask.


We've created the VBP Conversation Kit in hopes to empower those interested in capturing and preserving the stories of the Vietnamese community. The kit is designed to be a fun activity for two people, a small group or an entire family. It includes a set of questions in four categories to help spark the conversation, a list of major historical events to provide context and the basics on how to record the conversations to preserve it. And if you wish to, we encourage you to contribute your stories to the Vietnamese Boat People digital collection! 

There are a series of questions to choose from to help you start the dialogue. 

Memories of Vietnam


Memories of Vietnam


Memories of Vietnam


Memories of Vietnam

Memories of Vietnam

The Journey

First Impressions


Share Your Story

Join us in preserving a legacy of resiliency 

Consider sharing the stories on the VBP Journeys Map betaWith your interviewee’s permission, you can contribute your conversation with an artifact. By submitting the story, you are contributing to the mission of preserving history for the humanities and your story will be made available to the public through our programs and platform. Download the guide here. 




The beta versions of the Conversation Kit and the VBP Journeys map was made possible through the support of the NJ Council for the Humanities Incubation Grant. Please help us improve, send any questions or suggestions to