12 Weeks

12 weeks. That is how many weeks until the newest addition to our family is welcomed into this world. And as a first-time parent, I should be asking myself questions like:

“When do I select a pediatrician?”

“What the heck is a DockaTot?”

“How many chicken nuggets is too many to have in a week?”

But 2020 has my mind racing with questions like: 

“How long should we quarantine up to my due date?”

“Should I not consider Vietnamese names for fear she will be teased?”

“Do I want family members or friends, who support a presidential candidate whose moral character I do not standby, in my daughter’s life?”

As we all anticipate the results of tomorrow’s Presidential election, we also fear the aftermath. There hasn’t been an election with such suspense since 1932 at the backdrop of the Great Depression, when one-fourth of our population was out of work, people were starving in the streets and banks were collapsing.

And right now, we have a country divided. We have become polarized by our party affiliation. 

Judgement is being placed on neighbors based on the sign in their yard. Families who at the onset of the pandemic hosted video calls to play virtual board games, now host combative text threads on the presidential race. We are living in a world where hate, bigotry, and ugliness has been given the green light to surface and be elevated. 

And I will admit, I have taken the backseat the past few months as I digest everything. When protests took to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and people rallied together to help out-of-work parents feed their hungry families, I wanted to jump in alongside my fellow Americans but I stayed home. Being pregnant, I hesitated jumping into the in-person actions. 

Instead, I’ve chosen a route to educate myself, my husband, my family, my friends and my social networks. Pushing aside the fake news and amplified media in search of the truths, which in our digitally dependent world is a job in itself.

I am not a social influencer. I do not have thousands of followers. But I do feel we each have a responsibility to educate, share our voice and speak up for others. And as I attempt to prepare for parenthood, this is the route I am taking. This effort will start small, but has big dreams. 

  • Digest accredited content on topics like racial injustice, federal and local government infrastructure, early childhood education, immigration laws and mental health

  • Proactively have conversations with friends and colleagues from different backgrounds and beliefs to shed light into each