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Thank You 2020 Ambassadors

Jackie, Alex, Eileen, James, and John.

As our 2020 Ambassador Program comes to a close for the year, we want to thank this amazing group. They joined our team at the height of the pandemic and we're so thankful that they stuck with us throughout the program. Each ambassador has their own, individual talent and we were so blessed to have a resilient and thoughtful group for our first cohort. The ambassador program was piloted in 2020 to create a team of young professionals interested in elevating our mission within their communities while gaining hands on professional experiences in oral histories, nonprofit operations and podcasting.

Check out their recommendations on things that are getting them through this pandemic.

photo of Jackie

Jackie Reed

  • Ambassador projects: Episode #20 Story Slam and Second Gen Episode

  • Favorite episode: #21: One Way Ticket

  • Favorite food: Bun Bo Xao

  • Book recommendations: On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong; Becoming by Michelle Obama; Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness.

  • Destress recommendations: painting, baking, outdoor running

  • Life motto: Trust the process.

Alex Su

  • Ambassador projects: Brainstorming sessions and podcast's video trailer

  • Favorite episode: #19: Being Boa

  • Favorite food: Har Gow

  • Book recommendations: The Actors Life by Jenna Fischer; Why We Buy by Paco Underhill; City of Bones by Cassandra Clare; Pendragon Series by DJ MacHale

  • Destress recommendations: music, meditating, hiking, biking

  • Life motto: Treat yourself like you'd treat your loved ones.

Eileen Nguyen

  • Ambassador Projects: Press releases and Story Slam outreach

  • Favorite episode: #13: Miss VSA

  • Favorite food: Banh Mi Thit Nuong

  • Show recommendations: K-Drama, Save Me

  • Destress recommendations: listening to low-fi hip-hop, crocheting, meditating, eating

  • Life motto: Patience is key.

James Sanchez

  • Ambassador projects: Interactive diaspora map and timeline of major refugee dates

  • Favorite episode: #7: A Liminal Space

  • Favorite food: Chimichurri Burger

  • Book recommendations: Sputnik Sweetheart and Kafka by Haruki Murakami; Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

  • Destress recommendations: going on walks, playing instruments

  • Life motto: Do what you love, all the time.

John Hoang

  • Ambassador projects: Brainstorming sessions and blog posts

  • Favorite episode: #16: The Ground Kisser

  • Favorite food: Banh Cuon

  • Book recommendations: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter; The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

  • Destress recommendations: jiu-jitsu, yoga, longboarding, meditating, working out

  • Life motto: The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without purpose.


A special thank you to New Jersey Council for the Humanities for their support of this pilot program. We will be recruiting a new cohort in 2021. To learn more contact

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