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Questions of War

a sturdy people bruised with bodies weakened but with spirits always strong.

resiliency etched into their bones

always a hope for a better future of which they may never see. how can a people rise from the dust

pain and rubble of war? how can a people carry on their sacred

traditions and family religion in a foreign land? how can generations of trauma, distress, and damage

be sown back together?


Carina Kimlan Hinton is a Vietnamese Amerasian poet and writer who explores the intricacies of her own mixed race heritage through her work. Her mother's family are Vietnamese refugees, and she grew up hearing stories of their courageous escape from Vietnam, which has inspired her from a young age to seek to understand this complex journey. This year, she graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in History, and concentration in Post Vietnam War Vietnamese Amerasian History. 

Explore more of her work on Instagram  @carina.hinton Medium Carina Kimlan Hinton


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