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The application for Summer 2021 cohort is now open.
Join us to build awareness, curate stories, and amplify the history and current successes of our Vietnamese community. Click on the video below to watch a testimonial from one of our Ambassadors.

The first VBP Ambassador program was funded by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, an independent non-profit organization and state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. This is a volunteer-based (10-15 hours per month) role with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and be part of shaping the narrative of the Vietnamese-American experience. We offer internship credits for the program, a team and community driven experience and each ambassador will receive a customary VBP Ambassador kit! The application for Summer 2021 cohort is now open.
For more information about the program, contact

This year's 2021 cohort will be involved in an exciting new initiative at VBP!
As a VBP Ambassador, your role will focus on two key areas: (1) Raise awareness and building meaningful connections on behalf of VBP and (2) Support the prototype of our new Journeys & Stories Digital Map project.
Click here for more details. 

Marketing & Brand Awareness

  • Promote VBP's mission in your network

  • Build relationships in your community

  • Share the podcast and attract new listeners 

  • Gather community input and generate ideas

  • Lead user feedback on the VBP prototype of a journeys & stories crowdsource platform

  • Recruit beta testers in your community

  • Collaborate with non-profits and communities 


beta Testing & User Feedback

Past Ambassadors
2020 Cohort
Check out their blogs!

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