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Dec 17, 2021

Storytelling with VBP

NWVSA Alternative Summit Graphic.png

Learn about the power of storytelling and its ability to connect people and communities for future generations to come. This workshop introduces strategies and resources for you to preserve stories from your family and community's history to highlight the resilience in their journeys and encourage us all to embrace our cultural backgrounds.

Workshop led by VBP team members Bella Nguyen and Richard Luong. 

Dec 16, 2021

The Power of Storytelling & Language


What do you want to understand about your family and Vietnamese culture?

We invite you to join us for a discussion about the importance of storytelling and overcoming language barriers to understand the stories of our families.

With Tracey Nguyen Mang, VBP Host and VieTalk Project Tien Truong to share how stories can reconnect us and help build communities. 

Dec 7, 2021

Cooking In Community


Join us for ‘Cooking in Community' tomorrow LIVE with TukTuk Box on Instagram! 

An evening of pho cooking demo with Ly Nguyen, creator of Cooking of the Cuff and wine pairing with me, Tracey Nguyen Mang, in conversation with TukTuk Box founders Christy Innouvong-Thornton and Beatriz Aurelio-Saguin. 


Four entrepreneurial women, family recipes and great conversations on the essential work that our Asian American sisters are doing to uplift and amplify the community. 

Nov 22, 2021

VBP Journeys
an Intro and Q&A

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 1.10.31 PM.png

The Vietnamese Boat People Journeys map is a digital space, designed to be a community-driven platform to collect family diaspora stories from the community, for the community.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about the platform, discuss ways to contribute your family's stories and become a beta tester! 

Everyone has a story to share. And we are inviting the community to share yours to be included in this global collection.

Nov 11, 2021

Authors Meet & Greet
at Saigon Social in NYC


An intimate and casual event with three critically acclaimed Vietnamese female authors! 

Dr. Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai - award-winning Vietnamese writer and journalist, author of THE MOUNTAINS SING 

Ly Ky Tran - fellowship receipient from MacDowell, Art Omi, and Yaddo, and author of HOUSE OF STICKS, a memoir.

Amy M. Le - founder of Quill Hawk Publishing and author of The Snow Trilogy
Event hosted by VBP and Saigon Social NYC. 

Oct 20, 2021

LIVE Podcast Taping: Up Close with author Ly Tran


Join us for an intimate evening with author of the critically acclaimed memoir House of Sticks by Ly Tran. 

An intimate, beautifully written coming-of-age memoir recounting a young girl’s journey from war-torn Vietnam to Ridgewood, Queens, and her struggle to find her voice amid clashing cultural expectations.

RSVP to join in-person or online. 

Oct 14, 2021

The Boat People: Tuan Andrew Nguyen


Who are the boat people? What are their stories? To learn more about their experiences, join Kimberli Gant, PhD, the Chrysler’s McKinnon curator of modern and contemporary art, in conversation with Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Tracey Nguyen Mang to explore the exodus of Vietnamese individuals and families from their home country after the conflict in Vietnam. Nguyen and Mang will discuss their personal histories, creative endeavors, and the legacies of the generations known as the boat people.

Sept 18, 2021

Children's Story time: Reading of 'Wishes'

MAMInsta Story_edited.jpg

If you are local to Montclair, New Jersey, join VBP host Tracey Nguyen Mang at this year's Montclair Art Museum Fall Fest - a big day of art, culture and community, with new exhibitions and classes, family activities, entertainment, live music, dance and performance art.

Tracey will be leading a children's story time session to share the picture book 'Wishes' a poetic story about immigration, family and home with beautiful and impact illustrations. Written by Mượn Thị Văn and Illustrations by Victo Ngai 

July 25, 2021

Storytelling Across Diaspora


The Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network (DVAN) co-presents UNAVSÁCCENTED | "Storytelling Across Diaspora" with the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA).

We've brought together storytellers, community organizers, and advocates for our Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diasporic communities to share their experiences, insights, and strategies for cultural preservation and multigenerational storytelling. 

May 21, 2021

Becoming Visible

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 9.50.27 AM.png

A culture conversation with FINN Partners and employees in honor of AAPI heritage month. 

Featuring guest speakers, Gilroy Chose, President of the Mississippi Delta Chinese Heritage Museum, Tracey Nguyen Mang, Host of the Vietnamese Boat People Podcast and Nancy Yao Maasbach, President of the Museum of Chinese in America. 

May 6, 2021

Mỹ Việt Story Slam

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 10.36.28

Join us in celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander month as we showcase Storytellers to share their Vietnamese American stories on a live virtual platform. It will be a casual evening to view and celebrate the uniquenesses our community brings to the Asian American narrative.

This year's event theme is '2020... a year unlike any other'. Seven incredible storytellers, selected from a nationwide open-call, will share stories about how 2020 has change them.  

April 30, 2021

2021 Black April Commemoration


2021 Black April Commemoration: Rooted in Resilience, hosted by UCLA. 

Join Vietnamese Boat People Podcast host, Tracey Nguyen Mang along with a panel of scholars to share and reflect on the significance of April 30, our Vietnamese roots and our community’s history. We want to honor our refugee histories while capturing the strength of our community’s resilience in these current times.

March 18, 2021

Unleash the Power of Podcasting

Tube Microphone in Studio

If you have an interest in storytelling, an expertise, curiosity on a specific topic or just want to put yourself out there, you should consider exploring podcasting!  The number of Americans listening to a podcast is increasing by the week, about 90 million Americans listen to a podcast every month, and they are also gaining popularity in educational programs.


Join VBP host Tracey Nguyen Mang as she shares her journey into podcasting and how to start your own. 

February 24, 2021

Up Close with Phuc Tran


Join us for a LIVE podcast taping event - this is a livestream virtual discussion with author Phuc Tran. 

For anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong, Sigh, Gone shares an irreverent, funny, and moving tale of displacement and assimilation woven together with poignant themes from beloved works of classic literature. In 1975, during the fall of Saigon, Phuc Tran immigrates to America along with his family. In this coming-of-age memoir Tran navigates the push and pull of finding and accepting himself.

February 19, 2021

Passage to Vietnam 2021


Hosted by Baruch College Vietnamese Student Association (VSA).

Join us for a virtual evening to explore Vietnam past and present with Baruch VSA and different Vietnamese cultural organizations. 

VBP will share our podcast and more details about what we do and why telling stories is so important to preserving history. 

December 27, 2020

Asian Podcast Summit & 2020 Awards


Join VBP host Tracey Nguyen Mang along with several other Asian Podcast hosts in this inaugural summit on Asian American Storytelling. Brought to you by Jerry Won of Just Like Media and Dear Asian Americans. 

The Asian Podcast Network is the leading place for podcasters, industry professionals, aspiring podcasters, fans, and guests of podcasts that are Asian-hosted or Asian-themed to gather and network, educate, empower, and elevate each other. Our goal is to grow the pie and to amplify all our stories through the podcasting medium. 

November 10, 2020

Montclair Public Library History & Culture Series

Leo Larson Boat Rescue 1980.png

What happened to the Vietnamese people after the Vietnam War ended? Left with a country that was war-torn and with a Communist government; many people lived in unjust conditions, hunger and starvation was rampant. This resulted in almost two million Vietnamese risking their lives to flee oppression and hardship, in one of the largest mass exoduses in modern history. 


Join Tracey Nguyen Mang as she shares compelling accounts captured by her podcast to shed light on this key Cold War-era migration and the legacy of the Vietnamese Boat People.

October 27, 2020

UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Stories from the Vietnamese

Join UCLA's cultural series with VBP host, Tracey Nguyen Mang in  a discussion on how her journey to document her family’s history in 2018 led to a podcast and nonprofit organization with the mission to create a platform that would help families preserve their stories, encourage questions and dialogue at home and amplify the stories of hope, survival and resilience of the Vietnamese community. 


In this talk, Tracey will discuss the importance of authenticity and emotional connections, the power of communities and her top five lessons learned in preserving these stories and producing the podcast.

September 30, 2020

International Podcast Day
Watch the replay here

international podcast day.jpg

International Podcast Day™ is an international celebration of the power of podcasts!  The celebration is a great opportunity to connect with fellow podcasters, podcast listeners, podcast enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry. 

Join VBP host Tracey Nguyen Mang in this live virtual event. Tracey will be facilitating a panel discussion on 'Building a Community Through Your Podcast, with podcast hosts from CXChronicles, The Woke Desi and Dear Asian Americans. Registration is Free!

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