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A Conversation Journal, designed to empower individuals to embark on the transformative journey of collecting and preserving family narratives. The journal includes initial questions and prompts thoughtfully organized across different stages to foster discussions around cherished memories, experiences, and reflections. It is an ideal companion to the Vietnamese Boat People Conversation Cards. Upon completion, it is a precious gift for future generations, serving as an invaluable keepsake in the ongoing exploration of family stories. 


We love the cover art, illustrated by Brian Hoang, that represents our Vietnamese roots even though, like the leaves, we’ve traveled away from our home country.


A special thanks to our contributing authors:

-Hanh Bui, Author of The Yellow Áo Dài and Ánh’s New Word

-Dennis Doan, Author of Memento

-Alison Lihalakha, Author of Salted Plums

-Julie Mai Tran, Author of the coôkbook, Ăn Chưa

-Phuc Tran, Author of Cranky and Sigh, Gone

-Amy M. Le, Author of The Snow Trilogy

-Ly Tran, Author of House of Sticks

-Len Tran, Author of Split Up by the Sea and Break the Bricks

A Conversation Journal

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