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This is the only baby photo I have.

This is the only baby photo I have.


As Told By: Tracey Nguyen Mang


  • My Name is Tracey Nguyen Mang
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  • This story is about me
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  • Departure Location: Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam
  • Departure Year: 1981
  • Camp 1: Hawkins Road (Singapore)
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  • Resettlement Location: New Orleans, LA, USA
  • Resettlement Year: 1981
  • My Story

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    Hi I'm Tracey Nguyen Mang. I was just under four years old when my Mom organized an escaped from the Vietnamese Communist regime in 1981. With nothing but clothes on our backs, she left everything behind and took three girls under the age of 10, deep into the jungle in the middle of the night, and eventually out into the treacherous seas. Thirty-seven years later, I'm on a mission to document every part of that escape and the events and turmoil that led my family and many others to choose the possibility of death if it meant freedom and safety on the other side.

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