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Discover the rich tapestry and history of the Vietnamese diaspora through the Vietnamese Boat People Journeys Gallery. This digital collective offers a dedicated space for families and individuals to share their personal stories, photographs, artifacts, and memories, fostering intergenerational conversations and collective storytelling. With our filter feature, you can explore specific stories that showcase the diverse paths and experiences that make up our shared history. Each personal story is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit and helps to broaden perspectives, foster empathy and understanding, and inspire more learning on the travels of refugees and immigrants worldwide.


Discover the Vietnamese Diaspora Journeys

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Preserve Your Legacy
for Future Generations

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For too long, the Vietnamese diaspora has been silenced and misrepresented by outsiders. By sharing your personal story in your own voice, you have the power to reclaim our narrative and shape a more accurate depiction of our complex journeys. By coming together as a collective, we can educate, dismantle misconceptions and stereotypes, foster connections, and drive greater awareness and understanding of our culture, values and experiences.

Our family histories and stories are precious, and over time, they can be forgotten. You can create a lasting legacy for your family and generations to come, by contributing. Don't let your story be lost to time - share it today and become a part of our collective history.

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