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Discover the Vietnamese Diaspora Journeys

Discover the rich tapestry of the Vietnamese diaspora through the Vietnamese Boat People Journeys Gallery. This dynamic digital gallery offers a dedicated space for families and individuals to share their personal stories, photographs, artifacts, and memories, fostering intergenerational conversations and collective storytelling. With our filter feature, you can explore specific stories that showcase the diverse paths and experiences that make up our shared history. Join us in celebrating the vibrant heritage and rich cultural traditions of the diaspora community.

Our Journeys

Click on the Filter button to search our collection of journeys contributed by our members.  

If you would like to contribute, please Share Your Story.

15 items found

Introducing Myself As You

Cindy Truong

Trip down Memory Lane


Field Ocean - Test


Proper Story


Ăn Chung Với Bà Ngoại

Nessa Nguyễn

Truyen Hay

Kim Anh

Trip Across the Ocean - Test


From Vietnam to the Central Valley: Huong Pham (as told by her daughter, Cat Fan)

Cat Fan

Tides of Hope and Floating Dreams

Loc V Bui

VN Boat


SS Project Story-2


From Vietnam to the Central Valley: Hoang Thai

Hoang Thai


Preserve By Sharing


Share your stories, in your own voices

For too long, the Vietnamese diaspora has been silenced and misrepresented by outsiders. By sharing your personal story in your own voice, you have the power to reclaim our narrative and shape a more accurate depiction of our complex journeys. By coming together as a collective, we can paint a vivid and comprehensive picture of our shared experiences and inspire future generations.


Educate and Elevate Our Community

Our stories have the power to educate and elevate the broader community, breaking stereotypes and exposing the truth about our rich history and culture. By contributing to our shared narrative, you can help reshape the Asian experience as part of world history, driving greater awareness and understanding of our values and experiences.


Preserve Your Legacy for Future Generations

Our family histories and stories are precious and must be preserved for future generations. By documenting your journey and contributing it to our shared archive, you can create a lasting legacy that instills pride in our community and inspires younger generations to embrace their culture and heritage. Don't let your story be lost to time - share it today and become a part of our collective history.

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