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Vietnamese Boat People Logo Competition
Congratulations to the 



Judges' Pick - $1,500 scholarship winner

Runner-up and 'People's Choice' award - $500 scholarship 

Scholarship funds is generously sponsored by our partner Asian Women in Business ( 

Judges' Pick


Yale School of Art

“As a queer person of color who immigrated to the United States, language has been at the stem of my experience. And existing in this liminal space has helped me form my perceptions of citizenship, nationality, and identity. And how non-fluency can displace one’s personhood but also be a source of resilience. Throughout the past few decades, much of my family have emigrated out of Vietnam and have been repeatedly separated and reunited a number of times. The stories of their arduous journeys are close to my heart yet fairly enigmatic. My submission shows the logo divided into two by an abstract tearing. This tearing alludes to the separation of families, a rippling wave of ocean water, and paper being torn.”

People's Choice 



University of California, Berkeley

“My parents were born in Vietnam and immigrated to America during the war. My parents were able to arrive at the states but struggled to make a living. However, they found support within their community by settling in areas populated by other South-east Asian immigrants. My submission shows 2 major motifs, a sinking boat and two people. The boat is turned on its side and its form is abstracted into the bodies of the people and resembles those used to cross dangerous waters. The people are representative of two generations, old and young, and how they are brought together by their interlocking form. The design is comprehensive of how multi-generational communities come together from the trauma left on us by our history as a form of survival and resiliency.”

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