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Vietnamese Boat People (VBP) podcast is an award-winning show that reaches a global audience in over 20 countries. Our production team curates stories of hope, survival and resilience about lived experiences and migration journeys from the Vietnamese diaspora community. These are true stories of tragedies and triumphs across multiple generations. The show is available on all major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Google Play, and more.  To learn more, visit our Podcast page. 

Three Days Old


Steered the Ship

Leo Larson

Miss VSA

Vivian Lu

The Ground Kisser

Thanh Duong Boyer

Slumdog Brothers


One Way Ticket

Loan Nguyen

Sigh, Gone


The Escape

Peter Trinh

Sound of Freedom


Nailed It!

Adele Pham

The World Looked Away

Tom Pham

Be Present

Gene Binh Nguyen

The Heart Warrior's Creed

Amy M. Le

The Perfect Storm


Other Streets

Mark Erickson

Operation Reunite

Trista Goldberg

Cultural Understanding

Nesta Morgan

Bolinao 52

Duc Nguyen

Butterfly Yellow

Thanhha Lai

Van Da

Yen Ngo

Being Bao


Have Faith

Tu-Anh & Danny

Mỹ Thị Bùi

Naoko Tsunoda

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