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Open Submissions

Join us for the 4th Annual
Mỹ (American) Việt (Vietnamese) Story Slam


A virtual event for storytellers to share Vietnamese stories and experiences.

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month, we will showcase Storytellers selected from a nationwide open-call to share their stories in their own words and creativity. This will be a casual evening to view and celebrate the uniquenesses our Vietnamese community brings to the Asian American narrative.


This event will live stream on Facebook @BoatPeopleJourney. For a more engaging experience we recommend joining us on Zoom. 

This year's theme: Ba, Mẹ ơi 

It's hard to imagine our parents having lives before us. Have you thought about how much you actually know, or want to know about their past and what has shaped who they are today? 

This year, Season 6 of the Vietnamese Boat People podcast showcases narratives of individuals uncovering the lives that their parents once lived. And we want to feature yours on the show!

For the 2023 My Viet Story Slam, prepare a three-minute or less, story about your mom, dad, or someone you consider to have always been a parent-figure in your life, biological or not. And Parents, is there something that you’ve always wanted to share with your kids? You can submit too!

Stories can be in a variety of formats from spoken words, poetry, visual arts, music/song writing to family interviews. Submissions must be no more than 3 minutes long. Five Storytellers will be selected to share their stories on a live virtual platform and receive $300 in cash and a gift box of goodies from our sponsors! 


Here are some theme prompts to help you get started:

  • What genetic gems or hereditary hazards do you think you’ve inherited as a child or passed on as a parent? 

  • How has nurture vs nature come into play in your relationships? 

  • Was there a specific family intervention, celebration, or reunion that was long overdue? 

  • Was there a time when your relationship was closest or furthest - physically, emotionally or metaphorically? 

  • Is there a family secret that shook your world?

  • Was your parent a super-hero of some sort in the past? 

For inspiration, tune into the Vietnamese Boat People podcast season 6. And don’t forget to subscribe to the show (it’s free!) so you can get alerts every time a new episode drops!  We encourage you to explore and take advantage of the resources we have available on our website, such as the Journeys Map and Conversation Kit to help you get started. 

All submissions must be in by Monday, April 17 by 11:59pm EST. You must be at least 18 years old to submit. Be sure to review the program guidelines and FAQs. If you have questions, email us at

Good Luck!

A BIG Thank You to this year's Story Supporters

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